Monday, August 31, 2009

Spicy Hoisin Chicken Wings

Package of chicken wings
1/2 cup Hoisin Sauce
5 T Soy Sauce
2 T Garlic Powder
1 T Sesame Oil
1 T Rice Vinegar
3/4 cup Korean Pepper Powder (Adjust according to spicy factor)

  1. Mix all ingredients together depending on your tasting and how spicy you like your wings. On average, I'd say 1/2 cup of Korean Pepper Powder is fine.
  2. I use a lot of the heavy ingredients, since I like my food flavorful. You might want to double-up on the ingredients if you like it very flavorful.
  3. Marinate overnight or at least 3 hours before baking
  4. Preheat oven to 450 degrees
  5. Spray a light layering of cooking spray on to the baking tray
  6. Stack wings side-by-side on baking tray
  7. Bake at 390 degrees for about 40 minutes, depending on your oven temperature
  8. Make sure to turn the wings once in the middle of the cooking time

Korean Style Dinner

Alright, I can't take credit for making this, but whenever I want an authentic Korean dinner, my friend alwayssss comes to the rescue. If I wasn't there myself I'd think that this is a restaurant.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tofu Soup w/ Chives and Shrimp - Canh Dau Hu

Red Velvet Chocolate Cake Balls

My aunt made these for a party at my house last week. They are too DIE for. They remind me of my favorite dessert, petit fours. Red velvet cake dipped in chocolate.