Friday, March 27, 2009

501 Must- Drink Cocktails

I was browsing the book store yesterday and found this neat (cheap) book! Even BETTER than the previous book I purchased. Can you imagine 500 recipes in just 1 book! Who's ready to get their drink on??

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bo 7 Mon - Seven Courses of Beef in Vietnamese

Bo 7 Mon, literally means "Seven Courses of Beef" in Vietnamese. It's considered a "higher-end" dish. Think of it as a kind of Beef Buffet, but Vietnamese style. I've heard of this, since I was a little girl, but have never tried it until California. Considering, I'm not much of a meat-lover I thought it was ok. Nothing about it really wowed me, or made me want to go back for more.

The beef is cooked in front of you, then wrapped with rice paper, a variety of fresh herbs, lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers, and then dipped in "mam nem", which is a heavy fish sauce.

Van's Bakery - Westminster, CA

If it's one thing I love most in life it's dessert! I'm rather picky about my dessert though. I like dessert, but it cannot be too sweet, or else I'll have a couple of bites and that's it. I like it the "french" way, which is semi-sweet, often preserving the rest of the flavor. My favorite types of dessert I'd have to say are any type of cake and fruit tarts!

Here it is a window of fresh fruits tarts. This was taken as we made a pit stop at Van's Bakery in Westminster, California.

Nem Nuong Cuon - Grilled Shrimp Paste Rolls

Another one of my favorites was the Nem Nuong Cuon in Westminister, California. Oh my goodness, it was too DIE for. Never have I tasted anything that compares to this recipe. I think what really kicked off the flavor was the secret sauce it came with. I'd tell you the name of the restaurant, but I don't remember!!! However, ask the locals in Westminister and they should know. It's a really famous place.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Favori Restaurant - Best Catfish on the West Coast

What's this you see? Fried Catfish from Los Angeles, California. This was my first time eating at Favori Restaurant, and not my last. Whenever I go back to the west coast I plan to dine here again.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Singapore Noodles - Sing Chow Mai Fun

I've been having a curry obsession all week, so I decided to make this. This is a very authentic recipe that I found online, and altered it a little to my tasting. The recipe is normally made from Vermicilli noodles, but I ran out, so I used the regular small-sized noodles, so I guess you can say this is not that authentic.

This is a recession-proof dish, b/c you can use almost any veggie or poultry left in the fridge. In this version, I used chicken breasts, but normally you'd use shrimp, and possibly pork as well.

Recipe to be posted later......

Mango w/ Sticky Rice - Thai Dessert

My all-time favorite easy to make and simply delicious to eat desserts. Let's not forget healthy too!

Sticky Rice (Glutinous Rice)
Fresh sliced mangoes
Tapioca Starch
Coconut Milk
Salt and Sugar
Sesame for topping